Forum Thread: Do You Make Up Rules For Games?

Video games are just massive sets of rules really. But do you ever find yourself thinking that a certain game should have had some other ones?

I oftentimes find myself making up rules for myself while playing a game, either to get more into the character I'm playing or just to make the game more fun. Like not killing certain types of characters, not using an overpowered weapon, or playing as a drug-addicted psychopath who must consume whatever drugs they come across in Fallout 2 as they find them (more fun that you'd think... in the game.)

Let us know if you've ever made rules for yourself while playing a game.

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4 Responses

Many times. Mostly happen when I play a game repeatedly more than a week. (Which mean I'm already addict to it.) Making my own rules keep me from getting bore, and too many time go together with in-game achievements or progress of some kind.

Like, not executing any Muso Attack in Dynasty Warrior. Pass a stage without any item used in Match-3. Using very unbalanced team in an RPG.

All good choices! I like the unbalanced RPG teams too, going with all physical attack guys in particular. 

And it's funny you mentioned Dynasty Warriors. I own four Dynasty Warriors games. Last night I got to play Dynasty Warriors 7 in a rented out movie theater on the big screen. It was epic, but they couldn't get the picture completely straight for some reason. It was kind of curved at the edges.

What's Match-3?

Hey... you are DW fan too! Glad to know that. Hmm, play on theater big screen too!?! I wish I do that someday.

Match-3 is bejewel-liked puzzle game where you try to connect 3 icons of the same thing in a straight line. The modern M-3 games have a lot of items to use to ease up the game.

Talking about game ease up on the whole these day, I'm missing the day that I finish Contra or Ghosts and Goblins on NES. (Ha ha ha ... do I accidentally give out my age?) 

When Skyrim comes out I plan on making a character that is restricted to using only shields. Should be a fun challenge.

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