Forum Thread: Where Do You Get Games?

I rarely find myself shopping at GameStop and its ilk for games anymore. Most of the time I buy them (which I do all too frequently) either online or at second-hand game stores. About 80% of my game purchases in the last year have been downloads.

How do you buy games?

Large stores like Best Buy, Target, and Costco?

Chain game stores like GameStop?

Second-hand game shops?




Who buys games? Bittorrent baby!

Let us know. We like you.

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1 Response

Mixed. For game that I'm well aware that I got to have it, no matter what (like Bioshock series) that I go straight to retail store. For most indie game, I find demo to try first, then buy from developers or portals. (all digitally)

Other AAA titles -> torrent first, if I really want it I buy when it's on sale.

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