IGI Contest #1: Help Us Name These Things!

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I think there are a few things that makes a indie game an indie game. First, I think the graphics should start out slow. But if the game is popular, they will make better games with better graphics. Most games after a popular indie game I don't think should be classified as indie. Once it enters an industry, it shouldn't be classified as indie.

 I think the group designing the game should be fairly small at first. As JD said, I think an indie game shouldn't be funded by a gaming company, as this would almost make it too large.

Some bigger indie games include Braid and Minecraft. I definitely include these in the indie game category. They start out slow, then slowly progress.

I don't think music and style have anything to do with classifying an indie game.

Definitions are difficult.  In the end, I think an indie game is whatever the majority of people think an indie game is. Obviously, this definition will keep on evolving as the industry evolves. I guess this is similar to trying to define what a "Hipster" is, haha.

I'd just go with something completely random yet catchy.  How about "biscuits"?  Both are delicious in their own ways.  Both ellicit a fairly brief physical experience but the memories of such encounters last a lifetime.  (I'm a man who loves his biscuits!)  How do these names become standardized anyway?  Can't we be those random fools who ink the catchy title to this niche of life?

How about "what's for breakfast"?  I know it's so random but at least it's funnier than "biscuits" (no offense Buck).  That's all I got.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my possession what you've all been looking for.  A name which shall forever stand the test of time and solidify this world's (I'm looking at you admin) achievements as it relates to the larger world of gaming.  No longer must these games be poorly referred to as "indie".   We shall call them "Cheebies".  

Seriously just say it in your head a couple of times and think it over.  It kinda plays on the low cost of the games (cheap - cheeb) and it is also reminiscent of perhaps other objects and/or pastimes that I will refrain from mentioning here.  But seriously folks...cheebies are awesome.  More awesome than biscuits or any other breakfast foods.

Two words: Craft games!!!. They are like craft beer but games. Think about it.

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