News: Pokemon + Jabbawockeez + YouTube = Kusarine Project

Pokemon + Jabbawockeez + YouTube = Kusarine Project

Japan has a tendency to produce things that boggle the Western mind. Its citizens are already responsible for without a question the weirdest music video in the history of the medium. With that said, here is a video reenactment of several Pokemon (Pocket Monster in Japan) games released by Japanese performance art troupe Kusarine Project:

Kusarine Project and their amazing YouTube channel first became known through the Japanese video sharing site/meme originator NicoNicoDouba. Their white masks and graceful dancing make them reminiscent of Jabbawockeez with added satire. They've reenacted video game sequences and Japanese memes from from the Get Down glitch in Goldeneye 007 (below) to combining Metal Gear Solid with YouTube anime sensation Fukkireta. The attention to detail in the Pokemon video in particular is stunning, and the members of the group are all pretty good dancers to boot.

Kusarine's blog is only available in Japanese, but from the difficult-to-parse Google translation, I was able to glean that the group are not professionals, just passionate young people. Apparently one of them recently left the group to pursue a job opportunity, if I'm interpreting the last post on the blog correctly. Hopefully the group won't dwindle. These kids might be odd and unappealing to some, but they put a lot of care and creativity into what they do and hopefully someday soon will be able to sustain themselves by doing so.

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