News: PixelProspector Returns in Style with 75 Free Indie Games in 5 Minutes

PixelProspector Returns in Style with 75 Free Indie Games in 5 Minutes

After a decent amount of downtime, one of the best indie game sites on the internet has finally relaunched! PixelProspector is a one-man gaming blog and YouTube channel devoted to the weird and beautiful world of indie games. In the first half of 2010, it received a huge boost in popularity from its video 235 Free Indie Games in 10 Minutes, a hypnotic montage of the best indie games the site had to offer at that point.

And to celebrate the relaunch of the blog, which now has an improved design and easier to use interface, PixelProspector has made a sequel to the above video called 75 Free Indie Games in 5 Minutes, a slightly less ambitious, but more watchable clip.

But by no means should you limit yourself to these 310 indie games. PixelProspector's YouTube channel boasts over 500 videos, so if you're looking for something fun and free to play on your PC, look no further. Well... besides this blog (of course).

The PixelProspector site is still largely under construction, but features resources for indie game developers, alongside short recommendations for games. In particular, the Indie Resources section should get more fleshed out and useful once its completed.

Speaking of recommendations, it was an extremely difficult task to choose the best games out of the 310 featured in the two videos above, but I gave it a shot. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Trilby: The Art of Theft
    A stealth platformer by non other than Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. Hilarious and enormous fun, like the side-scrolling Metal Gear.
  • Cave Story
    One of the all-time greats. Came out of Japan in 2004 at a time when I had never heard of an indie game. It's got platforming, shooting, exploring, a cool story, pretty graphics and 8-bit music. Basically... the whole package.
  • Merry Gear Solid 2
    The sequel to the original, hilarious holiday spoof of the espionage adventure classic, Metal Gear Solid. Christmas is illegal and Santa must use all of his guile to deliver presents safely and on time.

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