News: IGI Contest #1 Results Are In!

IGI Contest #1 Results Are In!

Thanks to all who participated in our inaugural IGI Contest. Our goal was to come up with a new word for medium-priced downloadable games, and we have done just that. After reviewing the flurry of last-minute submissions, a winner has emerged. Congratulations, Mike Grimaldi! We will contact you to determine how you would like to receive your $10.

The winning answer:

"Two words: Craft games!!!. They are like craft beer but games. Think about it."

IGI Contest #1 Results Are In!

Having thought about it, Mike seems to be right. Craft beer and the games in question do have a lot of similar qualities: small production teams, limited conventional distribution, creativity, and increasingly high quality. Both movements have also been gaining rapidly in popularity over the last decade, enriching the lives of those with good taste the world over. Hopefully both will be with us well into the future.

Thus, craft games. Spread it around.

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Photo by The Vine and Two Beer Dudes

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